Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar are legendary places that fill the pages of history, wildlife, science books and novels. Surrealistic landscapes that harken back to the dawn of humanity and inspire awe in all who experience them. But as spectacular and wondrous as they are, they are just a few of the many attractions in the diverse ecological and cultural tapestry that is Tanzania. Many more spectacular, but lesser know destinations await your clients here – be they first-time or seasoned visitors to Africa. KaribuTravel Market Tanzania can assist you in offering these together with a wide variety of activities and accommodation off the beaten track – guaranteed to satisfy your client’s interests and budget requirements.

In the south of the country we have the newly expanded Ruaha National Park that rivals South Africa’s Kruger Park in size, wildlife numbers and its variety of species. The nearby Selous Game Reserve (the largest in Africa) harbours a plethora of wildlife including thriving populations of rare wild hunting dogs and black rhino. Mkomazi National Park, (Tanzania’s extension of Kenya’s famous Tsavo National Park), is also home to black rhino and a myriad of other species. From there it’s a short hop down to Sadaani National Park on the coast – where the bush meets the beach. Bask in its morning surf and sand, and then spend the afternoon amongst herds of elephants. The less-traveled western portion of Tanzania features Gombe Stream and Mahale National parks that are the homelands of our closest living relatives – forest chimpanzees. Thrilling guided walks allow you to observe these fascinating primates at close-hand.

At Katavi National Park you can canoe or just relax in a charming lodge and enjoy spectacular views of picturesque Lake Rukwa with its prolific birdlife. Another lesser known jewel in Tanzania’s crown is the Amani Nature Reserve in the east Usambara Mountains just 40 km (about 25 miles) from the Indian Ocean. It boasts high concentrations of unique species of birds, trees, amphibians and butterflies including the indigenous African violet and some of the most stunning and dramatic views over Tanzania.

For lovers of archaeology and ancient art there are guided safaris by scientists to the site of world famous, two million year-old fossils and its archaeological site at Olduvai Gorge. It is the birthplace of some of our earliest human ancestors. Secret rock shelters in central Tanzania contain bizarre and mysterious paintings created as early as 30,000 to 50,000 years ago, complimented by more recent cave drawings by Late Stone Age ‘Shaman’ artists.

For those who prefer to rise above it all, there’s more than just Mount Kilimanjaro to conquer. They can tackle the steep, rocky slopes of Mount Meru(near Arusha) or the active Serengeti volcano called ‘Oldonyo Lengai,’ which the Maasai people revere as their Mountain of God.

Thanks to cooperation with our East African neighbors, we can also help you combine any of your Tanzanian excursions with special tours to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Get the very best that East Africa has to offer. Each country in East Africa plays an important role within the Tourism & Conservation trade and has its very own and unique eco-systems and topography. Bush and beach, animals and archaeology, mountain climbing, game fishing and gorillas are just some of the many exhilarating possibilities that join us together and maintain a Sustainable Partnership within the East African Community.